Are you feeling stuck and unable to move forward in your life? Do you find yourself repeatedly attracted to unavailable people? Are you dating someone who can't commit? Have you lost yourself in your work or your relationships?

I specialize in working with women of all ages for various treatment issues. Each woman's story and her desired therapy outcome is unique.
In my private practice, I help women understand themselves, move past obstacles that prohibit them from reaching their desired goals, learn healthy ways to tolerate distress and improve self-care. Through their commitment to themselves and therapy, my clients regain their sense of emotional well-being, develop insight into unhelpful beliefs and life patterns, build from their strengths, and develop new ways to become more empowered and authentic, individually and in their relationships.

Some women suffer with symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress or past trauma and seek therapy in order to better cope and move forward in their lives. Others have unresolved childhood experiences that impact their self-esteem, sense of well-being and relationship choices. And others struggle with some form of addiction, or they lose themselves in work, home responsibilities and relationships and forget their own emotional needs. Finally, some women see me because they are unable to recover from a loss or adjust to a difficult life change and seek therapy to heal and grow.

Whether you are seeking a therapist to help you cope and heal from painful feelings, move through a life transition, gain self-awareness and for personal growth, I welcome your contact by phone or e-mail.