Starts With You


Are you considering therapy for yourself? Do you want to improve your relationship or marriage?

You’ve been thinking of starting therapy.  If you are looking for a therapy experience to reduce symptoms of depression or anxiety or better understand yourself and feel stronger, therapy with me is a safe and supportive place to begin your journey.  I help people create the changes they need to live a more satisfying life, both individually and in their relationships.

I am often contacted by people when they feel unhappy, anxious and overly stressed in their life or they are having continuous personal struggles or relationship conflicts, such as with their friends, parents, siblings, spouse or coworkers.   Perhaps you have been feeling depressed or stuck in your life but aren’t clear why or you might already have some insight; however, taking steps to change, move past barriers and being happy in your life seems unattainable.

Therapy with me can be a solution for you.  I help you feel better, gain clarity, self-understanding and acceptance while you learn how to challenge and replace negative, unhelpful perceptions that create painful feelings. And when you are committed to the therapy process, you will find new answers to old problems, develop healthier coping strategies and a more compassionate view of yourself and your relationships.

I suggest that you browse my website and call me with any questions you might have about therapy and/or how I work as a therapist. Whatever your concern, I offer a free phone consultation to help you determine whether therapy is the right treatment for you and if you would like to schedule a first therapy session.