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Are you considering individual psychotherapy, premarital or marriage counseling, or are you returning to therapy after a long break and seeking a new therapist?

Finding the right professional when feeling uncertain about therapy can be very confusing and overwhelming.  I am often first contacted by new clients when they feel unhappy or overly stressed in their life, or they feel stuck and unable to move forward to achieve their personal or relationship goals. 

Maybe you  are looking into therapy but aren’t clear why you feel stuck or you might already have some insight,  however,  moving past barriers and being happier in your life seems unattainable.  
Therapy with me can be a solution for you.  My goal is to help you gain clarity, self-understanding, and acceptance, while I help you learn how to challenge and replace negative, unhelpful perceptions that create painful feelings  and keep you stuck.   And when you are committed to the therapy process, you will gain insight, new answers to old problems, and a more compassionate view of yourself.

Therapy with me is nonthreatening, as I provide a safe, nonjudgmental environment for you to share your concerns.

I suggest that you browse my website and then call me with any questions you might have about therapy and/or how I work.  Whatever your concern, I offer a free phone consultation to help you determine whether therapy is the right treatment for you and if you would like to schedule a first therapy session.


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